National Nuclear Safety Administration
Department of Nuclear Facility Safety Regulation

(1) Functions 

Draft the laws and regulations on nuclear and radiation safety; Formulate relevant policies, plans and standards; Undertake work related to national nuclear safety; Administer the coordination mechanism of nuclear safety; Prevent and handle environment-related social risks of nuclear projects; Monitor radiation environments and inspect local ecological and environmental departments over their management work of radiation environments; Prepare for and respond to nuclear and radiation emergencies; Participate in the prevention and handling of nuclear and radiation-related terrorist activities; Administer the qualification and training for nuclear and radiation safety professionals; Exercise control of nuclear materials; Administer the licensing, supervision, and inspection of the design, manufacturing, installation and non-destructive test of civil nuclear safety equipment; Coordinate the national nuclear and radiation safety regulatory assessment; Liaise with the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center and the regional nuclear and radiation safety regulatory institutions on the internal development and regulatory work; Coordinate the Ministry’s three departments responsible for nuclear and radiation safety regulation. 

(2) Divisions 

a. Office of General Affairs 

b. Division of Nuclear Safety Coordination (Division of National Security Coordination) 

c. Division of Policies and Technologies 

d. Division of Radiation Monitoring and Emergency Response (Office of Nuclear and Radiation Incidents Emergency Response) 

e. Division of Professional Qualification Management  

f. Division of Nuclear Safety Equipment