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China urges full disclosure on Japan's nuclear wastewater dumping

China has urged timely and comprehensive disclosure of relevant information, before Japan takes action to dump nuclear wastewater into the ocean, to dispel stakeholders and the international community's concerns.

Japan's disposal of nuclear accident wastewater is not only related to the safety of its own environment, but also that of the regional and global environment, Liu Youbin, spokesperson of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), said Wednesday, adding that Japan should be cautious about its actions.

Despite opposition from its people and doubts from the international community, the Japanese government unilaterally made the decision without fully consulting neighboring countries and the international community and without exhausting all means of safe disposal, Liu said.

"China, as a neighboring country and stakeholder, is deeply concerned about that," he said.

China proposes that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should set up a technical working group, with China and other stakeholders included, as soon as possible to work on the disposal plan, follow-up implementation, and international assessment and supervision, he said.

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Monday that experts from China would be invited to be part of an IAEA technical working group on the disposal of nuclear wastewater.

The MEE will stay in close contact with the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the China Atomic Energy Authority regarding follow-up work of the technical working group, Liu said.

Source: Xinhua