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IAEA to invite Chinese experts over Fukushima wastewater disposal: FM spokesperson

Experts from China will be invited to be part of an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) technical working group pertaining to Japan's disposal of nuclear wastewater, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Monday

Spokesperson Wang Wenbin told a daily press briefing that the news has been recently confirmed by the IAEA.

Noting that the Fukushima nuclear accident is one of the most serious in the world, Wang said the Japanese government, in disregard of concerns and opposition both at home and abroad, has unilaterally decided to discharge the wastewater into the sea without exhausting means for safe disposal, disclosing complete relevant information, or having sufficient consultations with neighboring countries and the international community.

"Such an irresponsible act not only directly jeopardizes the immediate interests of the people in Japan's neighboring countries, but also poses threats to the global marine environment and international public health security," the spokesperson said.

It is only natural for China, as a major stakeholder, to have serious concerns over Japan's irresponsible practice, Wang said.

China maintains that the IAEA should initiate a technical working group as soon as possible that involves China and other relevant stakeholders, to carry out work concerning the wastewater disposal plans, their implementation as well as international assessment and supervision, the spokesperson said.

"China is in close communication and coordination with the IAEA over the issue," Wang said, adding China will fully support IAEA's follow-up work.

Before discharging the radioactive wastewater into the sea, Japan should earnestly address the concerns of relevant stakeholders including China and the international community, Wang added.

Source: Xinhua