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MEE/ECNROS Carries Out Supervision on the 14th Refueling of No.2 Machine Set in Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II

At 16:48 on 25th September, 2020, after checking and conforming the status of the machine set , MEE East China Nuclear and Radiation Oversight Station (hereinafter referred to as MEE/ECNROS) released the first critical control point after the 14th refueling overhaul of the No.2 machine set in Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II. In the early morning of the next day, the unit was connected to the grid and the overhaul was successfully completed.

The overhaul of the No.2 machine set of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II is the 3rd overhaul executed this year in Qianshan Nuclear Power Plant, being the project receiving empathized supervision from MEE/ECNROS in 2020. In this overhaul, MEE/ECNROS adopted an all-round and three-dimensional supervision mode: horizontally, it fully utilized the system advantages of the supervision mode of MEE/ECNROS to realize the linkage between the front station and back station, carry out special supervision in various areas including operation and radiation protection and in-service inspection and make comprehensive inspection on the nuclear power plant, ensuring that no subtle nuclear safety hazard would be neglected; Vertically, it divided the supervision work into three three phase: before overhaul, over overhaul and before the critical point. The targeted supervision was conducted on the basis of characteristics of each phase. Specifically, cruise inspection was carried out on important material warehouse before overhaul; certain spots were selected to receive on-site supervision for important maintenance work over overhaul; the implementation status of nuclear safety management requirements and machine set status were checked before the critical point.

The overhaul this time lasted 26 days in total, with each day witnessing the “strictness, prudence, carefulness and earnestness” of supervisors. Nuclear safety is an important part of national safety as well as the lifeline of nuclear industry development. Upholding the iron army spirit in terms of nuclear safety supervision, MEE/ECNROS will make every efforts to guarantee the safe and smooth operation of 9 machine sets in Qinshan nuclear power base.