National Nuclear Safety Administration
Nuclear Department II Holds Risk-informed Supervision System Special Training Class

To further modernize nuclear security treatment system and treatment capability, upgrade nuclear security supervisors’ risk-informed nuclear security supervision ability and promote risk-informed nuclear security supervision system development, the Nuclear Department II held two sessions of “Risk-Informed Supervision System Special Training Class” from 1st-2nd and from 16th-18th September 2020 in Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center and National Environmental Protection Staff Sanatorium respectively, under the premise of strictly abiding by the relevant management regulations of normalized epidemic prevention and control. 71 trainees from headquarters of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, six regional nuclear and radiation safety supervision stations, Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center and other technical evaluation units participated in the training.

The training courses were delivered by five experts with rich experience in nuclear power safety supervision and risk-informed research and practices from the ministry, regional supervision station, enterprises and institutions and universities.On the basis of the principles of being easy to understand, practical and time-sensitive, the practices of risk-informed nuclear safety supervision development both home and abroad, experts introduced the basic principles and methodologies for nuclear power safety, basic theory of probabilistic?safety?assessment and the application of risk guided nuclear safety regulatory system and risk guided comprehensive decision-making technology in the United States, status of risk-informed nuclear safety supervision in China and the exploration and practices of nuclear safety supervision system modernization by focusing on the the problems that need to be paid attention to and solved in nuclear safety supervision, the methods and theories that need to be mastered in risk guided nuclear safety supervision and supervision, and the achievements of current risk-informed nuclear safety supervision and supervision.

After receiving the training, trainees developed a more comprehensive understanding on the concept and method of risk-informed nuclear safety supervision and improved the operation capability of nuclear safety supervision, which plays an important role for them in practising risk-informed supervision in the future.

The training was organized by the Registration Office of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center.